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President's Report

Greetings Members & Industry Partners of IREM 92:

Please take a few minutes to read through this e-newsletter to catch up on all the events and news happenings within Chapter 92.  This is a bi-monthly publication.

Welcome to a New Year!  I am honored to assume my role as President of IREM West-Central MD Chapter 92, and committed to exemplifying the IREM values of education, innovation, and leadership development. I begin this journey with enthusiasm and excitement as I understand the value this organization serves to support professionals in the real estate industry. IREM has been a valuable component of my career and the source of long-lasting friendships. I am motivated by IREM’s strong history, dedicated members, and commitment to continuous improvement. Let us continue to open doors, forge connections, and grow together.

One housekeeping item to start with... New Year, New Address!  Our Administrative Office P.O. Box Address has changed.  Please update your records immediately:

My objectives for the chapter this year are 1) reclamation of chapter membership and industry partners, 2) continue corporate outreach and marketing, and 3) establish a CPM mentorship program.

I aim to make 2019 the year of reclamation for our membership. A revival of our spirit for involvement within IREM. Building off past accomplishments and thoroughly accessing the needs of members for years to come. As a first order of business, you should have received a short survey intended to help identify needs and interest across the organization. We value your feedback, and request that you complete the survey to help us in our goal to increase tenure by keeping members highly engaged through targeted programming, and by effectively aligning industry partners. If you complete the survey by February 1st, and wish to share your name, you will be entered in a drawing for a $100 gift card.

“For those who manage to make a difference” – the new tagline launched in 2018. We will continue to promote the benefits of IREM through our corporate outreach and marketing initiatives. The goal is to cultivate meaningful relationships within our network, with the hope that members will then share their experiences with others outside of IREM. Tremendous process was made last year under the leadership of our past President, Adam Santos, CPM with the making of the short marketing videos used for social media and for corporate outreach. Our efforts to maintain a strong social media presence are continuous. All members can support these efforts by contributing and sharing relevant content on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.  We produced a longer video that will be used for coroprate outreach visits and a shorter version that is ideal for sharing on social media. 

Here is our social media video and we encourage you to share this video with your industry colleagues and peers

Later this year, we will be discussing plans for a new CPM mentorship program. The goal is to provide a conduit of support and guidance to CPM candidates by pairing them with senior managers within the chapter. If you are interested in helping with this effort, please contact Jamie Carr at [email protected], or reach out to me directly.

Our first major event of the year is our annual Industry Forecast and Trade Show scheduled for Thursday, January 31st at the Ritz-Carlton Tysons Corner in McLean, VA.  This is a special joint-chapter event with IREM Chapter 8 in DC and Chapter 77 in Northern Virginia. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get market outlooks for 2019 and beyond from real estate industry experts. Join the discussion on the key economic factors impacting the real estate industry, and the potential impacts to your properties. The event also features the Industry Trade Show and cocktail reception which provide great networking opportunities. If you have not done so already, register today. Follow the link below for more information and to register: www.IREM77.org

Then, the following week, join Chapter 92 for our February Chapter meeting. This will be a lunch meeting at Ruth’s Chris Downtown Crown in Gaithersburg, MD on Thursday, February 7th. Mark your calendars and register today. The meeting topic is “Productivity in the Workplace: Don’t Just Survive – Thrive!” presented by motivational speaker Peter Colwell, Associate Member. Peter will walk us through specific strategies to help us THRIVE in any environment, and will guide us through his ABC’s of Motivation to leave us feeling inspired to “Go the Extra Mile” every day.

I look forward to meeting and hearing from many of you over the upcoming year. In the meantime, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Dante Jofferion, CPM®
2019 Chapter President



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COVID-19 Pandemic Resources for Property Managers

2019 Industry Forecast & Trade Show

January 31, 2019
2:30-3:00PM: Registration
3:00-4:30PM: Forecast Meeting Presentations
4:30-6:30PM: Industry Trade Show & Cocktail Reception

IREM Chapters 8, 77 & 92 join forces to present the 2019 Industry Forecast & Trade Show... Hear from real experts about the impact the economy will have on your properties and the local market in the coming year.  Speakers with expertise in each market segment will share what they know and discuss how YOU should prepare for 2019 and beyond!

All registrations for this joint-chapter special event will run through the IREM 77 Website.



iREM 92 february general membership meeting - Productivity in the Workplace: Don't Just Survive - THRIVE!


Thursday, February 7, 2019
11:30AM: Registration
12:00PM: Lunch/Program
Ruth's Chris - Downtown Crown

Join Chapter 92 for our February Lunch Meeting presented by, Peter Colwell, Associate Member. Peter is a Motivational Speaker and the Vice President and Director of Property Management Operations for the Mid-Atlantic Region of JLL.  Peter will share lessons learned from his 16+ years in Commercial Real Estate/Property Management that will help us enhance our productivity and increase our ability to overcome obstacles.  Peter will walk us through specific strategies to help us THRIVE in any environment to leave us feeling inspired to "Go the Extra Mile" each and every day!


Future Event Dates:


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Meeting Recap & Pictures

December Holiday Happy Hour 2018

Copper Canyon Grill, Gaithersburg, MD

Check out highlights from our Holiday Happy Hour held on December 5, 2018.  Thank you to everyone who brought a toy to support our Toys For Tots Drive.  To see all the pictures from this event, click here.




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Member Milestone Anniversaries

Congratulations to the following chapter members on celebrating Milestone Anniversaries of their Designations in 2019:

Tracey D'Andrade, ARM - 5 Years
Mayra Torres, ARM - 5 Years
Katie McCarthy, ARM - 10 Years
Sherraine Rawlins-Bacchus, ARM - 10 Years
Gerald Keating, ARM - 10 Years
JoAnn Maguire, ARM - 15 Years
Kathryn Bernas, ARM - 20 Years
K. David Meit, ARM - 25 Years
Lauren Potter, ACoM - 10 Years
Tony Eastridge, CPM - 5 Years
Stephen Lynch, CPM - 5 Years
Dante Jofferion, CPM - 5 Years
Paul Beck, CPM - 5 Years
Michael Severe, CPM - 5 Years
Tonya Clark-Trotman, CPM - 10 Years
Sherrie Genson, CPM - 10 Years
Jim Crawford, CPM - 20 Years
Jeffrey Goldshine, CPM - 30 Years
Grant Turner, CPM - 30 Years
David Polinger, CPM - 35 Years
Robert Collins, CPM - 35 Years
Douglas Erdman, CPM - 35 Years
Colette Winnard, CPM Emeritus - 25 Years
James Crimmins, CPM Emeritus - 35 Years
James O'Connell, CPM Emeritus - 35 Years

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February iYP happy hour - thursday, february 7th @ 2PM

Immediately following our February Lunch Meeing - join us for our first IYP Happy Hour of the year!  Just one block from the lunch meeting at Ruth's Chris, we will be gathering at Paladar Latin Kitchen & Rum Bar at 2PM.  This FREE event is open to all Property Management Members of Chapter 92, Potential New Members in the Property Management Industry and the SPONSORING Vendors. Thank you to the following vendors for sponsoring this event:

  • Associates Plumbing, Inc.
  • Arc Water Treatment Co. of MD
  • BrightView
  • CnC Complete Services
  • Hawkins Electric Service, Inc.
  • Park Rug Co.
  • Real Estate Service Systems


TO RSVP to this event, please email Jamie Carr

If you are interested in sponsoring and/or participating in an upcoming event, 
please contact our IYP Chairs - Jesse Martinez, CPM or Phillip Naithram, CPM
Stay tuned for news on upcoming events in 2019 or visit the IYP Section of our chapter website.






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IREM 92 Member Survey

Got 5 minutes??  Take our Member Survey!



Your feedback will help us improve and enhance your membership.  Complete this survey by February 1, 2019 and share your name, you will be entered to win a $100 Gift Card!  Take Our Survey Now





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Community Involvement Update

Wear RED to our February Meeting (2/7/19) in support of The American Heart Association's, "American Heart Month!"  To learn more about your Heart Health, visit www.heart.org

Don't forget to bring your GREEN too!  We will have a 50/50 cash raffle in support of The American Heart Association.  In addition to the raffle money raised, we will make an aditional donation of $5 for each person who wears RED to this meeting.  So, ROCK YOUR RED and bring your GREEN for a good cause!


Have an idea for an upcoming community involvement project or want to serve on this committee??

Contact: Tonya Trotman-Clark, CPM


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Industry HOT Topic

To Have or Not to Have a Business Card? That is the question!

Kara Permisohn, Minkoff Company


Recently I had a conversation with another Business Partner of a slightly older generation than myself. He was appalled at how many people he meets who do not carry business cards. He even said, “It’s just rude!” I gave a little chuckle as I can completely relate to his point of view. However, I ride the fence about whether or not cards are old-fashioned, retro, relevant, or a waste of paper.

I tried to explain to him that with smart phones and other electronic methods many people are going paperless today. He huffed at me and rolled his eyes. I tried explaining to him that managers don’t want to lug 300 business cards to meetings or the Industry Forecast and Trade Show for handing out. In my experience, Managers might carry a handful of cards to give to the vendors who they genuinely have interest in their trade or services.

Since this became something of a disagreement I decided to do a little research. What does the World Wide Web have to say about the matter? It proved extremely interesting to me as a career Marketing professional to see thoughts from both sides of the topic. Many of these opinions come from members of the Forbes Agency Council when they were asked what they believe the role of business cards play in our modern world. I admit as a person caught between “old school” and “millennials,” I can agree with most reasons for and against the use of cards.

  1. Mobile phones can replace business cards by exchanging instant information.
  2. Once you have a name and company you can look someone up on LinkedIn. It’s a digital rolodex.
  3. Ten second video clips or “video cards” can offer richer information and visual recognition.
  4. Only give out cards when it makes sense. Why clutter your pockets and desk with cards?
  5. It can be helpful to have a card handy for “Old-School” audiences/networks.
  6. Business cards help supplement digital options. The best of both worlds!
  7. Collect business cards and then digitize them. This allows you to take notes immediately.
  8. The quickest way to exchange information is still swapping business cards.
  9. A business card serves as a physical reminder of someone.
  10. Actual cards can be meaningful and more personal to some people.
  11. Whenever networking, a card offers a higher level of professionalism and it lasts longer.
  12. It’s common that a creative or unique card will be memorable. They’re often shared more.
  13. When trying to leave an impression, business cards show off your brand and style.
  14. The quality of your business card might leave a perception about the quality of your business.
  15. Having a personalized card can help employees feel important and part of a team.
  16. One key to successful marketing is the redundancy of reinforcing a connection by using cards.

Right, wrong, or indifferent, all of these reasons considered make carrying a business card an individual decision. Perhaps the days of ordering 2,000 cards per print run are over. I for one, like knowing that I have both options to choose from. I often ask if someone has a card on them because it does serve as that physical reminder to follow up. Electronic notes sometimes get deleted and forgotten in my world. Sadly my memory is getting worse with age and I can’t recall who I just added to my LinkedIn five minutes ago. Throughout my career in Marketing and Business Development I’ve been fortunate to carry some very creative and memorable business cards. If I only had a nickel for every time someone commented on my cards, I might be able to buy myself some lunch. One final thought which is solely my opinion… having a card handy is a solid method of back up in the event that technology fails. *wink*


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Region 3 Education

Carol Walker, Education Administrator
P.O. Box 3035, Gaithersburg, MD 20885
301.948.6234 p  301.948.7962 f

Region 3 Education Website

Visit our BRAND NEW SITE for the complete 2019 Course & Seminar schedule.  

Private Offerings:

Spread the word that Private Offering Courses are available for your company - groups of 10 or more.  This means an instructor comes to your site and holds a class for just your company's employees.  The idea is to get a group of people to "fast track" their way to a CPM, ARM, or ACoM designation.  The more people in the class, the lower the price per person.  For more information on this excellent opportunity, contact the Region 3 Education office at 301.948.6234 or click here for more information.

Online Self-Paced Courses:

For those interested in taking courses at their own pace, IREM offers many online self-paced courses.  Open new doors for yourself with the help of IREM education.  With our online and classroom courses, you'll give yourself a leg up in the constantly evolving world of real estate management.


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Free Money - Scholarship Information

In need of financial assistance to attend IREM Ed courses?? Working toward achieving your IREM designations?? WE HAVE FUNDS TO HELP! JUST ASK!

Our Chapter actively participates in the IREM Foundation Chapter Restricted Fund where we can support chapter members toward IREM education courses. 
Click Here to learn more about The IREM Foundation. 



If you are interested in how you can apply for financial assistance,
contact the IREM 92 offices at:
301.874.8425 OR at [email protected]


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Real Estate Management News








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Special Announcement

Kevco Building Services, Inc. is proud to announce Robert Cohn as their new Business Development Manager. Robert joins KEVCO from The Costar Group, The nation’s largest Real Estate Information company. He brings with him seven years of experience in various Account Executive roles with CoStar, both locally and nationwide. Throughout his tenure at Costar, Robert was highly regarded as a top company producer, highlighted by exclusive President’s Circle honors.

At KEVCO, Robert will be responsible for sourcing and cultivating new business opportunities in the region, developing new market strategies and servicing existing clients. Kevco, a veteran in the cleaning industry for the past three decades, is a leading provider of exterior maintenance services in the Washington DC metro area. Robert's role as Business Development Manager will further enhance the premier services provided by KEVCO while continuing to grow their extensive service portfolio.


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Dues Information

Your IREM Membership is an investment in yourself and your career.  Make sure you're taking full advantage of the benefits by renewing your membership.

You will receive one invoice coming from IREM Headquarters.  This eliminates the need to process separate payments for National dues and Chapter 92 local dues.  One payment can be made to IREM HQ and the Chapter portion will be electronically transferred to Chapter 92.  Also included on this invoice for CPM members are your NAR Affiliate dues.  These affiliate dues must be paid in order to maintain your CPM designation.

PAY YOUR DUES to ensure you don't miss out on even one day of membership.


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Chapter 92 Industry Partners

When looking for bids for your next project, we always suggest contacting our Chapter Industry Partners First!  CLICK HERE to see our full directory of Industry Partners.

Industry Partner 2019 Renewal Dues - Renew Your Membership by 1.31.19 in order to Secure Your Spot!


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Officers & Board of Directors

CLICK HERE to see contact information for our

2019 Board of Officers & Directors


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Contact IREM 92

If you have a question about IREM 92 or any of our upcoming events, please contact the IREM 92 Office.

Chapter 92 Financials are available to be viewed by any dues paying member.  If you would like to request to see a copy, please contact the Chapter 92 Office.

Jamie Carr
IREM 92 Association Executive
P.O. Box 385
Monrovia, MD 21770
t 301.874.8425
f 301.874.8426

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